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    Automatic real-time operator's speech improvement
    Persuasive and expressive voice. Growth of efficiency without coaching
    Automatic real-time improvement of hearing
    Keen hearing. Improving work efficiency and protecting health


Persuasive voice

The technology of speech deep transformation that adjusts operator’s voice for better comprehension by the remote user.

Expressive voice

The technology of changing voice quality that allows adding appropriate accents to operator's speech.


Leveling the sound volume to make the customer hear low sounds better.

Increasing the level of operator's voice

The technology of reducing the noise around the client.

Ambient noise suppression

The technology of suppressing noise in the outbound audio signal.


The technology of changing the psychological coloring of the input speech signal, based on changing the voice quality.

PETRALEX® Hearing Improvement

The technology that improves and protects operator’s hearing.

Noise OverPower

The technology that allows to communicate in a very noisy environment.

Tone Signals Cancellation

The technology of cancelling button press tone signals.

Noise suppression in the line

The technology of suppressing noise in the inbound audio signal.

Improving the quality of USB headsets

The technology of improving the microphone quality of USB headsets for the operators.


Our competitive advantages

Our experience in digital signal processing, our intellectual property in speech signal analysis and synthesis, and our research in compensation for hearing loss.

Our flexibility

The software that ensures multiuser operation mode, quick enabling/disabling voice processing modes, combining the modes depending on the employee's tasks and preferences, and access to easily adjustable settings.

Your potential

Increasing work efficiency for communicating employees by affecting clients' perception is a new and very promising tendency in client orientation.

Your care about employees

Reducing tiredness and the harm of work-related factors to health, including hearing, maintaining psychological comfort, improving perception – all this is very popular among the people who spend most time in communications, both business, and personal.

Strategic Directions

Loyal customers

Over 70% of the people who had tested the app considered the processed voice to be more persuasive and attractive.

Happy staff

The app reduces auditory fatigue and emotional stress.

Cost reduction

The price of our application is $199 per one workplace per one year.

It is the voice that people take into account when forming an idea about the interlocutor: age, attractiveness, confidence. After processing, the voice of the operator will be optimal with regard to these and other parameters.