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Persuasive voice

We know how to "pull off " the voice!

We have analyzed the over 20 years' scientific research on this subject, and we performed our own additional research in order to determine what kind of voice people consider convincing, confident and serious.

These psychological criteria of the voice affect the success of business communication.

Our research and the research of other groups suggest that a person with the medium voice pitch frequency is considered a more credible interlocutor.

This module is the most technological of all other modules presented by us.

Deep voice modification with preservation of complete naturalness - no "robotic" voices.

The adjustment is made automatically, the user should only indicate his/her gender, and the analyzer will independently obtain all necessary voice characteristics.

The use of the "Persuasive voice" mode would be especially important for young people with high or even too high voice. This mode may be best evaluated, when it is used by a girl with a high voice.