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PETRALEX® Hearing Improvement

The technology that improves operator’s hearing and takes care of his/her hearing through preliminary assessment of hearing characteristics, and is based on the subjective loudness adjustment formula.

Sometimes it is hard to understand what a customer is saying at the other end of the phone line, same as to understand the entire problem with only few queues.

Our patented technology improves user's hearing, protects it, and reduces the fatigue.

Our experience in improving hearing allowed us to manufacture the first in the world lineup of applications for hearing impaired people.

To start using this technology, you only have to pass a hearing test, same as at the doctor’s. The data of every test is saved, and the user may choose which of the previously saved profiles to use, and switch to it.

If the user changes his/her workplace, and equipment of the new workplace is different (headphones, sound card), the user passes the test again and uses a new profile.

Various fine adjustments are available for the user, making it possible to adjust the sound to the most comfortable level.