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Noise OverPower

A patented technology that is fundamentally different from active noise reduction, allows to communicate in a very noisy environment.

It is the newest technology of noise reduction! Everybody knows that voices of even 3-4 persons speaking on the phone simultaneously merge into intensive hubbub. Neither expensive noise proof materials, nor special headsets can solve this problem.

Our technology helps users to hear in a noisy environment, without increasing the volume.

Unlike a simple denoiser, which removes the noise from the telephone line, this technology allows the user to hear through the ambient noises.

The technology protects users' hearing, as it amplifies selectively only those components of the signal that are masked by the noise, which makes it possible to hear well with the volume only slightly increased.

The advantage of our technology is confirmed by the fact that our application, UrbanDenoiser player that has been created based on this technology, was announced the best by Microsoft at the European App Cup in March, 2015.

It is the technology that improves the operator's hearing and maintains the health of operator's hearing through the preliminary assessment of operator's hearing features, and is based on the subjective loudness adjustment formula.