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Improving the quality of USB headsets

The technology of headset adaptation to the modern audio signals quality requirements in voice communication systems.

Professionals know that the quality of the headset microphone is an important part of the contact center.

It is the headset microphone that is the entry point for successful communication with the client.

The quality of communication will depend on how efficiently the operator's headset is working.

Like any other electronic equipment, professional headset become obsolete, and the trend of increasing the "width" of voice traffic network channels also puts new demands for the quality of the audio signal, which becomes more and more broadband.

It is useless and inefficient to use algorithms that improve voice characteristics that compensate for certain artifacts and generally improve the quality of the speech signal sent to the subscriber, if the quality of the microphone remains mediocre.

However, the problems of obsolescence of the headsets and increasing networks requirements to the quality of the audio signal can be resolved in a very economical and reasonable way.

"Tuning" the work places with our app will instantly adapt your headsets to the requirements of the day.

The app contains a database of settings for the Plantronics headsets lineup.

The settings database for the headsets of other manufacturers is updated by individual customer's request and is not included into the cost of the corresponding package.