Main KPIs

  • Noise overpower increases speech intelligibility 14% (here and below according to ISO 16600).
  • Petralex® Hearing Improvement module increases speech intelligibility:
    • 5% in a low-noise environment (20-25dB)
    • 10% in a noisy environment (60-65dB, noises recorded in a call center)
  • Increasing operator’s voice level increases speech intelligibility 14%.

Tangible effectiveness

  • The PSC improves lean job approach:
    • About 80% of a job time of an agent is talking with clients. So, 14-16% increasing of speech intelligibility for both an agent and a client decreases waste of time approximately to 10% in total working day
    • 5-10% FCR (First call resolution) increases
    • In the US the mean expenditures of a company per operator are about $30 per day (including fees, taxes, administer staff time). So, 20% total effectiveness lead to $6 win per operator per one day
    • For example, in a contact center employing 200 agents at 24x7, one-year win is $6570
  • Agent’s health protection
    • Anti-stress module decreases agent’s stress level, which led to 5-10% improving agent’s effectiveness, due to less mistakes
    • Petralex® Hearing protection module decreases agent’s fatigability, which led to less mistakes, especially at the end of a working period
    • Mean expenditures to prepare one agent is about $10000, so if we increase working period of an agent even for 10% that is a $1000 win per agent

Intangible benefits

  • 70% of users consider they understand an operator better and an operator is more persuasive according to the High School of Economy (HSE) social lab research
  • According to McKinsey research (Proceeding No29, 2013) 60-70% customer satisfaction leads to increasing sales up to 20-30 (for sales-oriented call-centers)