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Partnership program

Cooperation with partners is a key component of the company activity.

The partnership program of the company provides:

  • Smooth interrelation
  • Lack of the vendor’s direct sales
  • Support of the partner on all levels of participation

Partnership for the company partner is:

  • Income from distributing the vendor’s products
  • Income from providing consulting services
  • Additional income from selling equipment and the incidental software

The company partners obtain:

  • Discount
  • Transaction protection
  • Marketing support
  • Technical support
  • Free training

How the program works:

Registered “Sound” Partner - a basic level of participating in the program

“Sound” Sales Partner - sales and the first level of the technical support

Premium “Sound” Partner - the highest level of participating in the program. This level means the maximum level of the partner’s involvement in technologies, and process of promoting the company products. This level offes the maximum advantages of the program





Right to sell the company products ALL PRODUCTS ATTESTED ONLY ALL PRODUCTS
Partner’s discount from the price list 15% 25% 40%
Transaction protection in accordance with Pipeline YES YES YES
Providing marketing materials YES YES YES
Licensing the product for the demo-stand and internal use (NFR) YES YES YES
Information about the partner on the vendor’s website YES YES YES
Free training of sales managers YES YES YES
Free training of operating personnel YES YES YES
Consulting on technical issues YES YES YES
Access to the partners’ portal YES YES





Concluding a partnership agreement OBLIGATORY OBLIGATORY OBLIGATORY
Dedicated manager on the partner’s site OBLIGATORY OBLIGATORY OBLIGATORY
Agreeing the sales forecasting – Pipeline QUARTERLY MONTHLY MONTHLY
Information about the product on the partner’s website OBLIGATORY OBLIGATORY OBLIGATORY
News of the vendor company on the partner’s website NOT REQUIRED FROM 2 TIMES PER YEAR FROM 4 TIMES PER YEAR
Trained operating specialists in the partner’s staff NOT REQUIRED OBLIGATORY OBLIGATORY at least 2
Trained sales manager in the partner’s staff NOT REQUIRED OBLIGATORY OBLIGATORY
The partner provides the first line of the customers support NO YES YES
Sales volume Not more than 5 clients and 499 working places in total From 5/500 to 9/999 Above 9/999. At least 1 specialist of the technical support for every product must be added per every 500 working places

Transaction Protection

Pipeline is the key element of the interrelation between the vendor company and partner. Pipeline is a periodically actualized document that shows the current activity of the partner on promoting the vendor company.

Discussing and approving Pipeline is basics of the working process related to the interrelation between the vendor and partner.

The vendor provides the partner with the transaction protection. i.e. he exclusively supports the partner when implementing the project (selling) specified in the Pipeline, without letting provision of other partners with the partner’s discount in the approved project. When detecting other partners of this project in Pipelines, the vendor company releases the right to request the customer to confirm the fact of his interrelating with the partner on the issue related to acquiring the vendor’s licenses.

The vendor company has the right to exclude the transaction from the partner’s Pipeline in case the confirmed status of this transaction has not been changed for 3 months.

Licensing and Price Policy

The price of the software license depends on the number of working places (accounts). Herewith, the minimum supply is 10 working places.

The vendor company issues upgrades and new versions of products. The price of maintenance during a year is 20% of the license price.

The vendor company informs partners about the current prices by specifying them in the price list. The current version of the price list is sent to partners at their request.

The partner has the right to individually define the level of prices for end users. Herewith, the partner is prohibited to disclose prices for the Vendor’s software licenses in open sources and it is not recommended to sell at the prices lower than those specified in the price list.

Training of Partners

The vendor company regularly organizes free technical and product trainings for employees of partner companies. In order to find out the date of the soonest seminar, please contact your manager.

To become the company partner, it is necessary to contact or register on the website.

Procedure of Training and Attesting Partners

  • Partner’s area on the website
  • Instruction placement
  • Access to marketing materials on the website
  • Wiki (knowledge base) – partially open for all clients, partially only for partners
    • Regular supplementing of Wiki
    • Obligatory rating of articles
  • System of tests for sellers and technical support
  • Partners’ certificates for companies and attested employees